Personal sprint – week 1

Unlike many of my colleagues, I’ve never been a ‘personal process’ type of person. I’m happy to use Agile planning & project management at work, but it always struck me as being a bit artificial to plan one’s own life the same way one planned team projects.

Now that I’ve been off work for a while, I see more value in it. Not going to an 8-5 job means that suddenly where I had structure, I don’t, and it’s much harder to make progress on things I want to achieve (or indeed, to do anything that doesn’t involve getting sucked into social media for an entire day).

So, inspired by a few posts I’ve read I’m going to do a weekly sprint plan on Sunday afternoon, and will do a retro Friday afternoon (Saturdays will be ‘free’ days – I can still do things on Saturdays but it’s a bonus day, not a normal day). To raise the level of accountability, I’m going to post the plan & retro notes here. This week’s plan is a bit rough and I expect to add to it as I go, but like the lady says: “Do It Anyway

[The actual organizational scheme I’ll be using in Trello will probably change – there are posts out there that suggest ‘the best way’ to use it, but I will review and tweak as I go. At the moment, I have included a list for Fitness/Wellness, but I’m not sure that makes sense – it may be more appropriate to just fit those into a repeating schedule rather than re-entering those same cards every week]

Here’s this week’s plan (as of right now):

Home projects

  • Finish triangle pillows
  • Knit one hat
  • List/sell one item
  • Donate clothes
  • Follow up about regs
  • Book plane/bus for BZE->CML
  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Best self requests
  • SPCA excel sheet


  • Rails tutorial 1
  • Rails tutorial 2
  • Rails tutorial 3
  • Membership site research [4 hrs]


  • Swim Monday
  • Meditation Monday
  • Run Tuesday
  • Meditation Tuesday
  • Gym Wednesday
  • Meditation Wednesday
  • Run Thursday
  • Meditation Thursday
  • Swim Thursday
  • Gym Friday
  • Meditation Friday
  • Run Sunday
  • Meditation Sunday


  • Post 1
  • Post 2
  • Beupstry Post 1
  • Beupstry Post 2
  • Beupstry Post 3
  • Bra sizes missing a dimension? (cup radius)
  • List of inspirational/motivational things
  • Social media plan/calendar


  • Retro Friday afternoon
  • “three words for 2015”
  • Brainstorm 3 earning opportunities

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