After a night of the heaviest rain I’ve ever been in (and I have spent a decent amount of time in SE Asia so trust me – this was serious rain) we decided to not go trekking in the jungle because the trails would likely be too slippery and dangerous. (The local guide agreed).

But the monkeys in the area decided to come to us and we saw three kinds around our deck before deciding to go walk up the road toward the park. I decided to stay behind and read because I’m still dealing with some blisters from newer flip-flops. Bill said he’d text me if he found any orangutans and I said sure, go for it.

(if I could upload photos here is where I would include the screenshot of the text message that says “found some”, the “Find My” screen of me zeroing in on Bill’s location, and the video of how quickly I was walking with those cruel flip-flops)

We got some good photos and some great video that I swear I will put up as soon as we have enough throughout for TLS sessions to work!

All in all, we saw 4 of the 6 endemic primates of North Sumatra today! Orangutan, long-tailed macaque, short-tailed macaque, and Thomas Langer (which I gather is a type of monkey and not the specific guy we saw)