I received (by my request) a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated as an xmas present but was very quickly turned off by unexpected ‘premium content’ that had to be purchased separately and a constant upsell to higher tiers of membership (I checked at the time – the fact that there even WERE multiple tiers wasn’t visible until you subscribed and realized you weren’t getting everything). Apparently this was well known (although not to me) and the guy’s considered to be a bit of a jerk.

Once I realized that much of the online content I thought I was getting was not available to me, I was pissed off enough that I tended to ignore the magazines and they’ve just been piling up unread. I was going to offer to give them away, but I’m thinking I might try some of the things in them and review them online instead. I need ideas for writing and I get the feeling that this foodblogging thing might just take off some day. (Is there a tongue-in-cheek emoji? Surely there must be).

At any rate, apparently even reviewing their content may be an invitation for a ‘cease & desist’ letter, so I guess I’m really taking this quest to live life more dangerously seriously.