I’m pretty happy with how today turned out. I actually followed the plan I had set for myself, so I’m on track, at least for a single day, and that’s not bad.

Today’s Things Done:

  • Eat breakfast (this is rare, but shall become a habit. Eggs scrambled with shallots, orange bell pepper, chilies and cheddar cheese)
  • Meditation (Chapter 2 of Pema Chödron’s “How to meditate”)
  • Exercise (1 hr on the stationary bike)
  • Book sleep research appointment
  • Clean kitchen
  • Make dinner (Cook’s Illustrated Chicken Parmesan, verdict ‘enh’) thereby adding “Clean kitchen” to tomorrow’s plan
  • Clean bathroom
  • Set up Evernote on all the devices
  • 1 hr writing
  • Watch instructional video on WordPress Python development to support a BONUS activity:
  • signed up to volunteer as a TA/coach for Be Like Ada – a 1 day coding bootcamp for teenage girls.

It was a really amazing day, in that for once I wasn’t constantly freaking myself out thinking “there’s something more important I should be doing, there’s something else I should be doing”. Instead, I thought “I should clean the bathroom” and then I DID. Is this how normal people feel? They have an idea of something to do, then they just… do it? Without doubting their ability to do it, or shutting themselves down because there are a million other work things that need doing that trump their home/personal projects so they end up just reading news online all day?

Damn, people. This is MUCH better.